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This is scary and sobering news that everyone in the world needs to be aware of and involved in preventing things from getting out of control and contaminating all of the water in the world. If our water is contaminated then so will be our food. Humans will perish if this isn’t resolved ASAP. 

I’m sharing some notes that my friend Alain Octavo has researched and put together to help explain the big picture of what is happening today and how we got here. 

To be accurate it’s not entirely Japan’s fault. The two different catalysts are:

1. Tepco, General Electric, Hitachi and Toshiba building these power plants in Japan. There are just too many questions on how this process unfolded.

2. The earthquake in 2011 that destroyed some of the units and structures.

Where I am upset with Japan is their lack of communication to the world and they waited until the moment they expressed this similar idea:

"We went from a Stage 7 emergency, back down to a 1 and now we’re back up to a 3 with no clear solution and its getting worse every day"

Instead of asking every scientist and physicists for help, they depended too much on the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

This mission report doesn’t say much:

I stopped reading after page 28 when the diagram read in a brainstorm

"Planning and operating assumptions"

ASSUMPTIONS! I’m no ivy league graduate, but the scientists I grew up with would never use this word in a report to government officials.

Let me give you a short list of what’s happening and I really hope people read this:

- 2011 an earthquake strikes Japan sending their nuclear power station into a Stage 7 alert. They move it back down to a 1, by basically putting duct tape over a leaking dam wall.

- Since then it has been leaking 300 tons of waste and all efforts to control this have failed.

- The machines used to transport the rods are damaged and the system is slowly collapsing into radioactive water. This is why they have to remove all 1,300 rods manually, which means a lot of people will put their lives at risk to make this happen.

- However there is absolutely no guarantee that this will work and removing rods in unstable conditions is extremely dangerous. A single error can’t happen!

- It’s either this or the world comes together for a better solution. Problem is we don’t have much time, because the system is collapsing. 

- If it collapses or their current option fails, this will effect the entire world and it will hit Hawaii and the West Coast of the United States the hardest.”


Very few people are understanding that the government, power company and energy agency publicly came out and said:

"We can’t hide this much longer, so here’s what’s going on, this is the best option for now, but we’re not really sure if it will work"

This isn’t some story where news teams are competing for scare points. This is a real threat.

At the very least just based on my own calculations and readings:

By 2014 contamination breach will hit our shores and by 2020 our river system will be destroyed.

This is why I want to help and record the radiation levels of the Salinas and Russian Rivers. They connect to the ocean.

If these two rivers increase in radiation as we move forward, I will definitely consider relocating.”

"Between the helicopters that continue to measure California radiation levels and the fact General Electric provided them with half of their reactors and own our media. Why am I not surprised General Electric didn’t use any of their media companies to communicate to the people of the USA.”

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