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Rogue Agent - Off the Grid

I’ve been thinking about this post for some time now. What it means to be off the grid to me, and why it’s important to share.

I consider myself an introvert. I’m perfectly happy being a homebody and an entrepreneur. I’ve been retreating more into myself and putting together life lessons I’ve learned in recent years. A lot is making sense. Actually, everything makes sense… especially how to get what I want out of life. =) I’m now making a very conscious effort to understand myself better. I sincerely desire to have better and healthier relations with all the people in my life. I enjoy interacting with others, but my preference has always been one on one.

Rogue Agent because I live for me. I don’t take others words or actions personally. I know that everyone is acting at their highest possible level of evolution and that the way they treat others is a reflection of how they feel about themselves. We all have our own journey and I choose to follow my bliss and intuition. I’m not afraid to be candid and vulnerable as I experience the world. I’m not afraid to admit I’m human and don’t always make what others would consider the best decisions. I don’t care if a choice doesn’t work out. I always come out ahead because I look for positives and lessons in all. It’s my life and I have to experience it firsthand in order to keep evolving to a higher state of being.

I’m taking some time off from social media to focus on my goals. I’m working on a book, a music album, a consulting service, a community, and relocating. There is a lot on my plate, but I am loving every single moment and looking forward to the future. =)


Sorinne Ardeleanu

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